Face & Neck Lift

Aesthetic references

With Facial Features Remodeling Surgery or Facial Feminization your facial skeleton change your facial outcomes, but at the same time you will probably want to do the soft tissue reposition to resolve the skin and muscles laxity problem which be increase with the FFS.
In young people, soft tissues stretch back by themselves over the reduced and remodeling facial bones, but in mature patients this doesn’t happen, especially when the skin & muscle started to sag because of the aging and increased for the FFRS or FFS.
Face & Neck Lift (also known as Rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, cheek lift or mid-face lift) brings out the shape of jaw and chin bones, pulls up the cheeks and jowls and gives your face a nice refreshing.
Sometimes, you could decide to do a neck lift alone with no midface or frontal lift. The first sign of aging is the laxity of the muscle neck (platysma) and you can resolve this problem with a Neck Lift. However, most of the times it is better to do a complete face & neck lifting.


We use general anesthesia. It takes nearly 3 hours. The incision consists of a vertical section ahead & behind each ear and a horizontal section of about 5 cm, parallel to the hairline of the back of the head. In some cases, it is necessary to make a small incision under the chin to do a liposuction and/or a platysma plication to resolve the double chin & neck. Working through these incisions, we tighten the SMAS, muscles and the skin of your face & neck, pulls them up them, cut the excess skin & closes the incisions. The recovery time will be 2 weeks. We remove the stitches in between 12 to 14 days. You will see the final result in 6 months.
MDM likes to eliminates your aging process, reposition the midface structures, particularly your cheek area, reduce the nasolabial folds, resolve the double chin and neck fat excess, etc. We like to perform at same step a blepharoplasty to refresh your eyelid expression. Finally your face & neck change for a a more youthful & beautiful look.

MDM is a pioneer is the combination of bone work and soft tissue reposition in one or 2 steps in one trip. You can see several spectacular results of MDM patients with the MDM classic medical package with Facial Feminization Surgery or Facial Features Remodeling Surgery + Face & Neck Lifting. (FFRS-FFS+ Face & Neck Lift). Ask for this unique MDM medical package (two steps separate for 7/10 days, in one trip).

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