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Tahrah’s testimonial

I chose Dr. DiMaggio because of his natural results. He has delivered this over and over again. After consulting with every major FFS surgeon in the U.S. It was clear that I liked Dr. DiMaggio’s results the best.
He is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge in facial surgery, yet he can provide nurturing advice. I found that combination to be rare with the other surgeons I have met. It is extremely reassuring to have so much faith in Dr. DiMaggio and his team.

Kate’s testimonial

My experience with Dr. DiMaggio and was outstanding from beginning to end. 
I chose Dr. DiMaggio first and foremost for the quality of his work; his technique showed a natural aesthetic that I was hoping for. It wasn’t difficult for me to ultimately choose Dr. DiMaggio for my FFS, and I’m so thankful for my decision. My experience in Buenos Aires was great and I really enjoyed my time there, I was sad to leave (but I look forward to returning!). 
The healing process is long, but month by month I saw the doctor’s work emerge and I am so very happy with my results. As I tell people who ask, my FFS was the single most important step in my transition, as it solidified my outward identity to the world on a daily basis, and it has made it possible for me to pass seamlessly.

Lana’s testimonial

Planning FFS is quite a big step and one which can change a person’s life.
Gosh, there is so much to say about my trip to Argentina, I almost don’t know where to start. 
My overall experience with Dr. DiMaggio was very positive and I would recommend him to anyone considering FFS. Generally speaking, I would say that Dr. D. is a highly skilled surgeon and also an artist. Those are two of the main reasons that I chose him. His fees are quite reasonable and that was probably the third most compelling reason. I happen to know 3 women personally who had gone to him before me and they all looked very good and natural. That gave me the first-hand knowledge I needed to be confident that he would do good work with me as well. Above all, Dr. DiMaggio are trustworthy...


Brittany’s testimonial

Choosing the right FFS surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I studied and consulted with FFS surgeons noting their track records, before and after results, personal experiences of patients, procedure recommendations and even the cost of surgery. In the end I chose Dr. Di Maggio because I honestly felt he was the best FFS surgeon in the world. Unlike other FFS surgeons, Dr. Di Maggio will give an honest assessment of what procedures he feels you need -- he will NOT recommend procedures you do not really need like some other surgeons will do just to make more money. Dr. Di Maggio is very direct and honest and he will tell you exactly what procedures will be required to feminize your face. He also has the talent and surgical skills needed to fully feminize your face on an individual basis and does not use a “cookie cutter” approach like other FFS surgeons. Dr. Di Maggio will perform FFS at a cost that is far below what other surgeons -who are nowhere near as talented as he is- charge. They told me horror stories about the level of pain I would face and that I should even consider hiring a nurse to take care of me after surgery. Contrary to what I was told, I went to FFS in Buenos Aires alone. I went to a country where I didn’t speak a word of the language and lived there three weeks without any problems at all.. After surgery I spent one night in the hospital and was released to my apartment the next day. My level of pain was very low, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say my level of pain was a 1. Do NOT be afraid to go to Buenos Aires if you don’t speak Spanish -- and most of all do NOT be afraid to go to FFS in Buenos Aires by yourself! My FFS experience in Buenos Aires is one that I will always treasure and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Di Maggio and his surgical team for enabling me to easily live my life as any other woman in everyday society!